Book: Digital Beauty with Jira

About the Book

This book addresses issue regarding process management within organizations, the enormous impact of hidden costs of outdated technologies and how to overcome them by devising an end2end process chain and implementing them on a modern workflow engine, namely Atlassian Jira.

This approach takes Jira application to a next level. Many companies are not aware of huge potentials of Atlassian Jira and Confluence, since this requires numerous Apps and intricate configuration techniques. Digital Beauty with Jira tried to shed light on hidden features of Jira and a few pertinent Apps, so that companies can utilize this scalable platform for a unified and modern process and resource management.

About the Author

Dr. Pujan Ziaie is a scholar and consultant on technology, architecture and management. Having authored various articles on IT-benchmarking, online community design and knowledge management, he now focuses on end2end process management and the applicability of modern low-code products (e.g. Atlassian Jira) for efficient and collaborative process and knowledge management in organizations.


“Ignoring superior technology is dumb. Paying more for inferior technology is dumber.

Companies often act like dumb and dumber.”   Notyet Tesla